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iPod Workout Routines, Fitness Training, and Healthy Eating to Help You Get in Shape and Lose Weight Fast!


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Created by top weight loss and fitness coach, and healthy eating expert - Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


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At last...the long awaited sequel to the original 12-week Fitter U program is here!

Fitter U Fitness is your exclusive monthly source of time-efficient portable athletic workouts to help you burn fat and get in the best shape of your life. Enjoy them at home, in the gym, outdoors, or while you travel!

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iPod Workouts...

Fitter U
Fitness Coaching and Motivation on your iPod

Fitter U™ is the most motivating fitness program to help you lose weight fast and get in great shape!

It has been designed to give you the motivation, structure, and guidance you need to achieve your weight loss goals and getting fit without wasting endless hours in the gym - no matter what your fitness level or experience!

Enjoy 19 different circuit training and interval training workout routines led by world-renowned fitness coach Yuri Elkaim, through the convenience of your iPod/MP3 player's headphones! Simply download and enjoy the Fitter U™ workouts at home, in the gym, and even while you travel.

Get in shape and lose weight fast, starting today, with just 3 short workouts per week!

Click here to get started with Fitter U today!

Healthy Eating...

Eating for ENERGY

If you are ready to lose weight fast, have more energy than a bolt of lightning, look younger, and want to rejuvenate your health and your body, then Eating for Energy is your answer.

Now, the best-selling and easy-to-follow healthy eating raw food diet e-book is just a download away.

Watch your life - and your body - transform before your very eyes.

Includes a 12-week raw food meal plan, over 120 plant-based raw food recipes, and much more !

Click here to learn more about Eating for Energy today!



Treadmill Trainer
iPod Running Workouts

Learning to Run? Need Motivation? Want to Run Faster and Longer?

Whether you're a seasoned runner interested in 10k training OR a beginner runner then you will not want to miss out on the power of the Treadmill Trainer™ mp3 running programs.

Use any of the 13 Treadmill Trainer™ mp3 running programs for your treadmill workouts or your outdoor runs and watch your running performance go through the roof!

Get ready to run faster, farther, and longer with just 2 runs per week!

The Total Wellness Cleanse

Discover the only 30-day detox and cleansing diet that will guide you through a time-proven holistic cleansing plan, while giving you day-by-day support, a detailed dietary, exercise, and lifestyle action plan, and results that will leave you saying “If I only did this last year!”

No diet pills, detox supplements, or magic formulas required. Lose weight, cleanse your body, and feel great - naturally!

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