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The Power of a Decision

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK

Most of us have taken a psychology course in university or read a self-help book at some point or another. These platforms allow us to understand more about ourselves and about the human psyche, in general. One area often alluded to, especially in the field of personal development, is that of the importance of decisions.

A decision usually stems from knowing something or knowing that something must be done. However, most people have the knowledge of what to do BUT don’t do it. Why? Is it because we associate too much pain and discomfort to the task at hand? Most likely! Knowing is not good enough…you must take action. That is the only way to achieve anything in life.

For instance, we all know that it is imperative to get daily exercise of some sort, yet why is it that many people opt for the escalator instead of the stairs or why do they fall out of a workout regime? Since most of us know the importance of daily exercise we must begin to implement our knowledge. Truly great things in life are not achieved by doing things once in a while, but rather through consistent action. By making the decision to take consistent action starting NOW you will begin to form the proper habits that will lead you to whatever goals you set for yourself.

”People form habits and habits form futures.”

Make the decision today to start creating good habits whether they consist of going for a daily walk or workout, preparing homemade meals, or spending quality time with loved ones. The benefits will be tremendous and long lasting!

The following Ultimate Success Formula, courtesy of Anthony Robbins, is a good place to start:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Take action to achieve it>
  3. Notice what’s working or not
  4. Change your approach until you find what works

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