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Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK

fitter u, treadmill trainer, mp3 guided workoutsImagine driving down the highway with the handbrake on. Although you can force the car, it will be difficult to gain momentum, and when you do get going, it will be slow and laborious. Too much energy will be spent going nowhere fast.

Driving with the brake on is analogous to the way we often think. We may have the intent to move towards our goals, but if, at the same time, we are constantly having thoughts that oppose those dreams, we will never achieve them.

If you dream of being a pianist or an athlete, but are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough, it’s not likely that you will ever achieve your dream. How can you know if you are thwarting yourself?

Stop for a moment and observe your thoughts. Nothing? Recall something upsetting. What about the grumbling you just shared with a co-worker? How about the curses you just hurled at the driver ahead of you in traffic? Can you hear the swarm of buzzing negative thoughts? That is the sound of resistance.

Resistance to what is going on around you is the friction that hinders forward motion in your life. These negative thoughts will take the spring out of your step, make your goals harder to achieve and your life a limited experience.

When we were children, complaining was very effective. “I’m hungry,” produced food; “I’m sad,” produced a hug. As adults complaining rarely gets us what we want. It is counterproductive and actually tends to attract what we don’t want to come more powerfully into our life.

“You are in charge of your own life,” is one of the key insights that anyone can implement into their mindset. If that is true, what do you need to do to if you want to tear down the highway to your ultimate success and joy? Quite simply: release the handbrake.

Easier said than done, and that’s why I ’ve outlined three steps that, when applied, can keep you moving forward in the direction you wish in life:

  • Observe
  • Say yes
  • Give thanks


The act of observing our thoughts and speech brings attention to these automatic processes, which in itself starts an evolution of changes in attitude and behavior.

Try not complaining for seven days. Try it and you will soon see how habitual negativity can be.

Say Yes!

Your thoughts and words are energetic messages that are continually affecting your mind and body. When you say yes to your goals and to your possibilities, then you are releasing the brakes that stop you from being the best you can be.

Dr. Stephen M. Drigotas of Johns Hopkins University developed a theory he calls The Michelangelo Phenomenon based on a quote by the Italian renaissance sculptor Michelangelo. The artist said that he didn’t so much carve a beautiful sculpture out of marble as he chiseled until the masterpiece within the stone revealed itself.

When you say yes to your admirable qualities, your strengths and talents you affirm what is waiting to emerge allowing what no longer serves you to drop away.

Give thanks

In the documentary film, The Secret, there’s a wonderful story of a man who carried a pebble in his pocket. Every time he touched it, it reminded him to be grateful for what was in his life. He called this his gratitude rock.

Find a talisman that reminds you of how grateful you are to have the opportunity to pursue your higher goals and desires.

In the distance, you can clearly see your dreams. Once you release the brakes of fear, doubt and negativity that have held you back, you can surge forward unfettered towards your full potential


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