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Total Wellness Consulting Press Room

Thanks for visiting our press room. We think we’re doing something special by making top notch fitness, nutrition, and wellness accessible to a wider audience through our use of MP3 technology and cutting-edge information, and we welcome the opportunity to expose our story to the media.

Please take your time and have a look at some of our current media exposure, published articles, and recent press releases.


Yuri Elkaim has been a regular guest on several TV shows around Canada including CityTV's Breakfast Television, A-Channel Morning, and Perfect Fit.

His iPod fitness programs (Fitter U™ and Treadmill Trainer™) and his book (Eating for Energy) have also been featured on these shows as well as Global TV news, eTalk Daily, and City TV News.

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Newspapers and Magazines

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Total Fitness Consulting Yuri Elkaim featured in Toronto's 24 newspaper!
Total Wellness Consulting featured in May/June Maximum Fitness Mag!






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Published Articles by Yuri Elkaim

Total Wellness Consulting believes strongly in providing high quality information and education to the public with regards to wellness, fitness and nutrition.  As such, we have a strong focus on publishing high quality material in magazines relevant to the wellness industry.

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News Releases

December 16, 2008

New Total Wellness Cleanse Helps You Lose Weight and Cleanse Your Body of Deadly Toxins Just in Time For The Holidays!
July 23, 2008 New Study Shows That Dehydration is Detrimental to Resistance Exercise Adaptations

December 17, 2007

New Healthy Eating and Raw Food Diet Book Reveals Nature’s Secrets on How to Eat for Energy, Weight Loss, and Life-Long Health.

January 29, 2007

Now Burning Fat, Strength Training for Weight Loss and Muscle Toning Just Got Easier with Your Personal Trainer MP3/iPod Fitness Workouts.

August 1, 2006

New MP3 Running Program Helps You Run Faster, Farther, and Longer with Only 2 Workouts per Week.


Media Contact

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